AB 126 – Senate Floor

Clean Transportation Program Modernization

AB 126 is formerly two other bills: AB 241 and SB 84. Decarbonizing transportation requires sustainable funding commitments for programs that can spur transformative change, like the Clean Transportation Program (CTP). The CTP currently receives approximately $100 million annually and was set to sunset on January 1, 2024, prior to the bill's passage. AB 126 extends the existing fees that fund the program, at their current levels, through 2035. The bill also modernizes the CTP to support zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure, while also requiring 50% of funding be spent on programs and projects that directly serve residents of disadvantaged and low-income communities.

Author: Eloise Gómez Reyes, Lena Gonzalez, David Alvarez, Laura Friedman, Luz Rivas, and Nancy Skinner

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Issues: Transportation and Land Use

Signed into Law


Signed into Law


61 Yes
12 No
7 Abstain


30 Yes
8 No
2 Abstain