All Bills in the 2023 California Score

California’s 2023 Environmental Score is a measure of how California did overall on advancing climate and environmental policy through legislation, the state budget, and actions from the Governor and his administration.

To calculate California’s score, we tracked the outcome of 61 total environmental bills that were introduced in 2023, three major pro-environment actions the Governor’s administration took, and three major anti-environmental actions the state took. An extra +10% was added onto the overall score to account for the two major climate bills that passed into law, the Climate Corporate Leadership and Accountability Act (SB 253, authored by Senator Scott Wiener) and the Climate Financial Risk Disclosure Act (SB 261, authored by Senator Henry Stern), which deserve extra recognition due to their worldwide impacts.

The following bills are used to determine the overall California score. The linked bills below are also used to determine legislators’ scores. For just that list, visit this page.

BillFinal Result
AB 3 (Zbur) California Offshore Wind Energy & Jobs ActSigned into Law
AB 7 (Friedman) Climate & Equity Goals for Transportation InvestmentsFailed
AB 57 (Kalra) California Pocket Forest InitiativeVetoed

AB 126 (Reyes & Gonzalez) (Formerly AB 241 & SB 84) Clean Transportation Program Modernization

Signed into Law
AB 249 (Holden) School Lead Testing & MitigationVetoed
AB 285 (Luz Rivas) Pupil instruction: science requirements: climate changeSigned into Law

AB 292 (Pellerin) Primary elections: ballots

Signed into Law

AB 363 (Bauer-Kahan) Pesticides: neonicotinoids for nonagricultural use: reevaluation: control measures

Signed into Law
AB 398 (Pellerin) Voting: replacement ballotsSigned into Law
AB 418 (Gabriel) Food Product SafetySigned into Law
AB 421 (Bryan) Referendum ReformSigned into Law

AB 460 (Bauer-Kahan) State Water Board Emergency Interim Relief

AB 538 (Holden) Multistate regional transmission system organizationFailed

AB 545 (Pellerin) Elections: access for voters with disabilities

Signed into Law
AB 579 (Ting) Schoolbuses: zero-emission vehiclesSigned into Law
AB 585 (Robert Rivas) Climate change: infrastructure and clean energy projects: assessmentsSigned into Law
AB 593 (Haney) Pathway to Clean Energy BuildingsFailed

AB 626 (Pellerin) Voting: returning vote by mail ballots in person

Signed into Law
AB 631 (Hart) Community Safety and Protection ActSigned into Law

AB 652 (Lee) Department of Pesticide Regulation Environmental Justice Advisory Committee

Signed into Law
AB 664 (Lee) California Safe Drinking Water ActSigned into Law

AB 753 (Papan) State Water Pollution Cleanup and Abatement Account: annual proceeds transfers

AB 764 (Bryan) Local RedistrictingSigned into Law
AB 809 (Bennett) Salmonid populations: California Monitoring ProgramSigned into Law
AB 844 (Gipson) Zero-emission trucks: insuranceSigned into Law
AB 970 (Luz Rivas) Insurance: Climate and Sustainability Insurance and Risk Reduction ProgramVetoed

AB 985 (Arambula) Central Valley Air Pollution Credit Reform


AB 1000 (Reyes) Warehouse Good Neighbor Policy


AB 1167 (W. Carrillo) Orphan Well Prevention Act

Signed into Law
AB 1176 (Zbur) Local Electrification PlanningFailed

AB 1248 (Bryan) Local Independent Redistricting


AB 1305 (Gabriel) Voluntary carbon market disclosures

Signed into Law
AB 1322 (Friedman) Pesticides: second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide: diphacinoneSigned into Law
AB 1337 (Wicks) Curtailing Water Usage During ShortagesFailed

AB 1407 (Addis) Ocean Recovery & Large-Scale Restoration

AB 1628 (McKinnor) Microfiber FiltrationVetoed

SB 3 (Dodd) Discontinuation of Residential Water Services

Signed into Law
SB 49 (Becker) Renewable energy: Department of Transportation: evaluationSigned into Law

SB 52 (Durazo) Redistricting: large charter cities


SB 69 (Cortese) California Environmental Quality Act: local agencies: filing of notices of determination or exemption

Signed into Law
SB 77 (Umberg) Voting: signature verification: noticeSigned into Law
SB 233 (Skinner) Bidirectional EVsFailed
SB 244 (Eggman) Right to RepairSigned into Law
SB 252 (Gonzalez, Stern, Wiener) California Fossil Fuel Divestment ActFailed
SB 253 (Wiener, Gonzalez, Stern) Climate Corporate Leadership & Accountability ActSigned into Law

SB 261 (Stern, Becker, Gonzalez, Wiener) Climate Financial Risk Disclosure

Signed into Law
SB 314 (Ashby) County of Sacramento Redistricting CommissionSigned into Law
SB 337 (Min) Codifying 30×30: Land and Coastal Waters Conservation GoalSigned into Law

SB 389 (Allen) Surface Water Rights Verification

Signed into Law
SB 390 (Limón) Voluntary carbon offsets: business regulationVetoed

SB 394 (Gonzalez) Master Plan for Healthy, Sustainable, and Climate-Resilient Schools

SB 420 (Becker) Electricity: electrical transmission facility projectsVetoed
SB 527 (Min) Neighborhood Decarbonization ProgramFailed

SB 556 (Gonzalez) Health Protection Zones near Oil & Gas Wells

SB 619 (Padilla) State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: certification of facilities: electrical transmission projectsVetoed
SB 674 (Gonzalez) statewide refinery fence line monitoring standardsFailed
SB 704 (Min) Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: industrial developments: oil and gas developments: refineries: petrochemical facilities: offshore windSigned into Law
SB 709 (Allen) Dairy Biogas Low-Carbon Fuel Standard RegulationsFailed
SB 745 (Cortese) The Drought-Resistant Buildings ActSigned into Law
SB 842 (Bradford) Attack on Price Gouging Penalty Law (Envirovoters opposed this bill)Vetoed (pro-environment)
SB X1-2 Price Gouging Penalty Signed into Law

* Linked bills above are used to determine legislators’ scores in addition to the overall California score