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Black History Month: The Fight to Achieve Environmental and Climate Justice

In an effort to save the planet, we as a society have been overlooking the systemic effects on marginalized communities, a phenomenon known as environmental racism. The conservation movement is rooted in racism and we still have a long way to go to fix it. Watch the following videos to learn more about the history of environmental racism and environmental justice:

Intern Spotlight

EnviroVoters Intern Spotlight: Jaelynn Douglas and Santiago M. Rodriguez

Santiago, a member of the Legislative Affairs Team, says that “working with people who share a vision of a better world and who understand that world is indeed possible” has been the best part of working at EnviroVoters. “It has been truly inspiring to see such a dedicated and hardworking group that pushes transformative change where many don’t believe necessary,” says Jaelynn, who develops social media campaigns for the Communications Team.

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What Is Environmental Justice?

Coined by African American civil rights leader Benjamin Chavis, environmental racism is “the systematic exclusion of minorities in environmental policy making, enforcement, and remediation” and “racial discrimination in the deliberated targeting of ethnic and minority communities.”

There are two notable movements working to solve environmental racism and its impacts on historically excluded and divested communities: the environmental justice and climate justice movement. Watch our video to learn more: